Our Advantage

Product Advantage

Strict supplier selection principles and system

  Certificates of social responsibility, quality system required by major countries in Europe, America, etc.

  On-site Inspection on factory for the production capacity, on-site management, etc.

  Verification to the export capacity of the factory through database of the customs

  Real first-hand data collection regularly updated information

Customized services

  Customization: customer-oriented with the investigation into market demand and trends

  Independent research and development: market-oriented, leading fashion

  Accessory Design: design related to product structure, appearance, packaging, etc.

Focus on customer service needs, improve product competitiveness

Service Advantages

Professional Design Team

Sourcing Team for professional supply chain development and management

Professional foreign trade business team to provide the services to the customer's

Professional QA Team responsible for product quality and delivery tracking

Perfect after-sales service, product quality tracking and recourse rights

Professional consultants with more than ten years of industry experiences in our products and services to             provide you with solutions

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