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 Choose Rise win, What will you get?

     Foreign Customers:

At the lowest purchase cost, to get the cost-effective products.

One-stop service, time-saving, labor-saving, sustainable cooperation and development.

Obtain the latest series of design and technical support to continuously expand market share

Domestic and International exhibition-site accompanying services.

Product After-sale Guarantee.

Domestic Suppliers:

Obtain continuous and stable orders

Reduce the cost of sales and marketing, to get more opportunities of business and product promotion

Have more time and energy to focus on the improvement production quality of the promotion and cost control, to expand the production scale of enterprises, improve efficiency in the continuous order production process

Business Partner:

To work with the company having the most advanced procurement concept in the world to pursue the common development

Once you join our team, you will be here to give full play to the talent, and constantly explore your potential to achieve the maximization of self-worth

Contact Us

 It is easy to find us. You can contact us in the following ways

Rise Win International Group

ADD : No.37, Donghai Road , Qingdao City , Downtown , Garden Room B 18th Floor , Block C




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